Teflon seated v/s Metal Seated ball valves

Teflon seated v/s Metal Seated ball valves

Teflon Seated Ball Valves v/s Metal seated

Industrial ball valves selction is very complicated part if the skilled person not choose proper ball valves. A quick guide to understanding the differences
Selecting a valve in an industrial environment is always a task. It involves many factors such as Application, MOC, Sizing, Design, etc. Based on these factors a valve is selected. Another important factor is the seat, which determines the performance and the life of the valve.

In ball valve There are two types of valve seat options – Metal seated and Teflon seated. Well, both have equally good performance, ensure tight shutoff and offer a very good life cycle. While selecting a valve, However, both have some different features based on which the Valve has to be selected.

Now we understand both types of Valves and understand the differences.

Metal Seated Ball Valves
Metal seated ball valves are very special valve after lapping process seat will match the sphericity of ball hence no leakage chance Metal seated ball valves are well-engineered Valves. Designed for most demanding operational conditions. These Valves are widely used for conditions that require the highest safety.


Metal seated ball Valves are selected when the media is erosive in nature or has very high temperatures. Metal seats can endure severe flashing, hydraulic shock, abrasive process fluid, and high temperatures up to and even exceeding 1,000° F.


Stellite Seat Surface-Recommended for service with severe flashing or hydraulic shock, abrasive media or where the possibility of trapped metal in the media.

Key Features:-

Excellent performance in very high temperature
Can withstand abrasive media
Ideal for applications that are erosive and corrosive in nature
Teflon Seated Ball Valve
Soft seats are generally made of thermoplastic materials like PTFE. These Valves ensure tight, stable sealing and offer convenient repairing. Soft seated valves are relatively more economical as compared to metal seated Valves.


Soft seated Valves are selected where the tight sealing is required. These Valves are widely used for media that are reactive in nature making these valves bast suited for the chemical industry and gas industry.

Soft seats are not recommended for processes having high differential pressure, high temperatures or media that are abrasive in nature as seats can break down in these conditions, causing the valve to leak.


Made from Virgin Teflon, this is the most common sealing material which offers excellent compatibility for almost all chemical media and is suitable for temperature -50°F to 400°F.


Reinforced with glass or other materials are suitable for temperature -50°F to 450°F. Here chemical resistance is comparable to virgin PTFE but wear factor and temperature resistant is better.

Select the ball valves as per your application and product life number of times valve open or close.

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